Although this is never a pleasant topic to read about, think about or even imagine, it is something you should know how to deal with. Hopefully this situation will never happen to you or a loved one in your lifetime, however just in the slight chance that it does and remember your odds are very low of it actually happening, it is important to know what you can do. Hopefully, this will never ever be something that you will have to experience or deal with.

Firstly if you can escape quickly, then do so. Try to escape as quickly as possible, without anybody seeing you. You should also always consider the safest options in the event of an attack. Look around you and calculate what your best next move is going to be. Think carefully before making a movie and try to ensure that nobody sees you. Do not try to run if it is going to expose you to even greater danger.If you ever plan on leaving the scene of an attack, be sure to just leave your belongings where they are. Do not take or try to restore your items as this could end up costing you your life.

If you are unable to run, then you should hide.If there are gunshots being fired, you will need to find a safe place with cover. Remember that bullets can go through all sorts of materials including brick, wood, glass, and metals. Be aware of your exit points and try not to get trapped in one area. Make sure your phone is put on silent and be as quiet as humanly possible. Do not make a sound and try to remain as calm as you can. Hopefully, you will not end up in this situation in your life, but these are good things to know.