In terms of staying safe and secure, there are some valuable tricks and tips that you may never have heard before. Here is one valuable tip, that may be very new to you.If you are walking somewhere and you see somebody that looks suspicious, all that you need to do is cross over to the other side of the road. This tip entails you to be aware when you are walking, if you notice a person that makes you uncomfortable, always ensure you are on the opposite side of the road to them.

If you are traveling on public transport the best place to sit is near somebody who works for the law. If you see a policeman or a security guard, these are the people that you want to sit in close proximity to. Even if they are unaware of you, make sure that you have direct access to members of the law. This is a technique that people use to stay safe on public transport. Look out for a “safety person” the next time you travel alone.

If you are unable to find anybody in the safety or security fields, try to sit closest to somebody who works for a reputable company. If you see their badge or name tag and you know the company, the chances are high that this is a safe person. You also could choose to sit near to parents with a child. Parents will always do anything and everything to protect their children so you can be assured that if there is any danger, these parents will react and try to save their children.Basically, this trick entails looking out for a “bodyguard” or a “safe person” and knowing they are there on your way home.

Small things will always keep you safe, so try to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, the very next time that you travel.