When it comes to staying safe on public transport, it obviously goes without saying that there are different tips for different modes of transport. Today we will be speaking about staying safe, specifically on buses and trains around the country.

Always plan your trip in advance. Be sure that you know your route and you know exactly where your stops are.This is one of the most important safety tips for making use of buses and trains in the country. Always plan ahead and make sure that you always have a working phone on you. Also, ensure that your phone is fully charged. This is, in addition, to make sure that you have all the emergency numbers carefully listed on your phone. Do not hesitate to use these numbers should you need to do so in any emergency on a bus or train.

Be sure to always have your ticket or pass ready to hand over. Make sure that your wallet is safely stored away in your bag, which is sealed shut. Do not remove your wallet or purse from your bag under any circumstances as this can place you in danger of being robbed. If you feel unsafe at any point be sure to contact a member of law enforcement or the authorities.

Once you get on a moving vehicle be sure to look out for the help points and passenger alarms. Do not hesitate to make use of these if you need to at any point. Make sure that you don’t sit far away from other people, rather make sure that you are surrounded by people. If you sit alone this may isolate you and make you into a prospective target.

The biggest rule to remember is to rather, stay safe than sorry. Preventing problems is always better than having to deal with them. Although it may be useful to want to trust everyone, it is better to only trust the people who you know well. In terms of speaking to strangers on buses and trains, try to be careful.