When it comes to staying safe on taxis and minibusses, it is very important to remember certain safety rules and procedures. If you are using a taxi or a minibus, be sure to make sure that it is licensed. Be sure to book your ride in advance by phone or email and to keep a record of it. In terms of accepting rides from people off the streets, you should avoid this. Even though this may seem quicker and easier it can place you in harm’s way. Rather book a ride via a highly reputable and reliable company.

Make sure that when your ride does arrive, that the driver knows your full name. If you have booked in advance the driver will know exactly who he needs to pick up. He will, therefore, be able to say your full name, this is his test. If he is somehow unable to tell you what your name is, then rather don’t take the ride. If you book your ride, be sure to get an approximate time of when you are getting picked up. This will help you gain a sense of control over when you can expect to be picked up.

Be sure to check the photo of the driver and see his id. Never be shy to ask for id in order to ensure that the driver is who he says that he is. If the driver appears suspicious in any way, then be sure to remove yourself from the vehicle immediately. If the driver seems to be driving under the influence of any form of substances or alcohol remove yourself from the vehicle as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to report the driver to his company as it then becomes your job to ensure that the next person remains safe.