Tube Relief is a website which is geared towards helping people stay safer on public transport. Over the years there have been a couple of really big disasters which have reached news headlines across the world. One of these tragedies where many people lost their lives was on tubes all across the country. People have attacked people on tubes, bombed people on tubes and this has resulted in chaos and fear among the nation.

This website is here to help everybody. Not only is it a place for healing about disasters but it also helps you to remain safer on public transport. Although this site was initially created with only tubes in mind, it now is about keeping safe on all aspects of public transport.

Staying safe on public transport is only one aspect of being safe, feeling safe can be seen as even more important. This online portal provides you with all sorts of information with regard to remaining safe. It even helps you to learn some tips and techniques for staying safe when you are walking. Even if you are in another country, there are fundamental things you should know in order to remain safe.

Although the world is filled with people who may not have good intentions, there are ways to decrease your chances of staying safe. In terms of transportation both private and public, there are things which you can personally do in order to eliminate many of the dangers involved. Making better choices and being more aware is a big component to stay safe.